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Norwalk - St. Ann's Club brings back its feast...

St. Ann's Club brings back its feast

NORWALK, 15/7/2011

With the demise of many local carnivals and festivals that have been summer staples, it was logical to assume that the St. Ann's Club Feast's absence last year indicated it was just another casualty.

Not so fast.

The club is bringing the feast back this year for an unprecedented four days, July 21-24.
Calling last year's absence a "hiatus," long-time chairman of the feast Pat Cutrone has once again taken the reins of the event.

Known for its Pizza Frita, musical entertainment and kiddie rides at the St. Ann Club waterfront location on Hendricks Street, the feast has additional significance to club members. According to the club website, "Jelsi natives celebrate the annual Wheat festival (La Sagra) that is held every year on July 26th honoring St. Ann because She saved Jelsi from total destruction during the earthquake of July 26th 1805."

"This festival to honor St. Ann is part of our heritage," said Cutrone.

The club's history in Norwalk dates back to 1914, when immigrants from the Italian town of Jelsi carried on the tradition of honoring the saint.

The four-day event kicks off with Thursday evening's procession, with Nick Allegrettta and Florence Agliotta as grand marshals. The festivities continue with food, music, and children's rides.

The food offerings have all been cooked by club members and include St. Ann's signature Pizza Frita, pasta, sausage and peppers, pasta fagioli, meatball grinders, hamburgers, hot dogs and fries.

New this year are seafood dishes: mussels marinara, steamers, and New England clam chowder.
Desserts include homemade cannoli and sfogiatelle, gelato and Italian Ice.
Wine, beer and frozen alcoholic drinks will also be available.
There will be live entertainment every night. Thursday night will feature DJ Dom's Dance Party; Friday night the band A to Z will perform; Saturday night the band is Fantasy; and Sunday features karaoke with Rita Festo and Joe Price.

There will be rides for small children, and ticket prices are discounted Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m..

Hour Staff Writer

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